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Unit No. 30-31

Waterworks Plant Co stocks a diverse range of indoor and outdoor plants along with a carefully chosen, eclectic mix of ephemera and assorted containers to create beautiful displays for the home and garden.


All of the plants are specially chosen by Jennie using her knowledge and experience acquired as a gardener and plant person of more than fifteen years. Jennie also has a background in the theatre and film industry. This really shines through in her wonderfully curated shop.


Waterworks Plants Co is happy to source plants. They also offer a consultancy service to help you choose the right indoor and outdoor plants for your home and garden.

• Indoor plants

• Outdoor plants

• Bulbs

• Plant pots and eclectic mix of containers

• Macrame plant holders

• Terrariums

• Household items including new and vintage

• Dried flowers

• Consultancy Service

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