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workshops / Ultra Light Boat Works

Ultra Light Boat Works

Unit No. 6 - Upper Floor

07711 297 748

Ultra Light Boat Works now offers small sized woodworking workshops and individual woodworking sessions for adults.  


Beginner sessions focus on the use of hand-tools. Skills taught include sharpening and cutting basic joints. Learn to use tools with confidence !

Advanced sessions are available too including wood-bending techniques, carving, gluing/laminating, finishes, timber selection and use in design. These sessions are packed with handy tips, and transferable skills !  (for example a basket weaver may enjoy wood-bending for inspired handles !) 

Booking:   contact Geoff  07711297748
Single sessions:    £25 / hr    (see below)


Please note !  I am happy to offer flexible booking times, multiple session bookings, and extra workbench time.  Just give me ring !!

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