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Push To Open Printworks

Unit No. 47


Push To Open Printworks is home to artist Tim Witham.


Tim spent a significant portion of his life listening to the well meaning voices of those around him and inside his own head.


These helpful voices advised him to get a proper job with a decent contract, and as a result he has had successful and mostly miserable careers in healthcare, IT and transport.


A series of major events lead Tim to proclaim: “Bugger, they are wrong and I haven’t got long left!”, thus giving him the motivation he needed to move to Hastings and set up a studio, where he now explores the things that interest him through the printmaking process.


Tim produces images cut into linoleum and wood, or etched into metals and cardboards which are then printed using linseed-based inks on to a range of fabrics and papers.


You can view his latest work by peering through the window of Unit 63, or via his Instagram page @pushtoopen.printworks

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