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Process Club

Unit No. 23


Membership to Process Club brings a unique opportunity to have access to your very own silkscreen printing creative space. Most open access studios are shared with multiple members but with Process Club, you can shut the door and it’s just you. Work at your own pace, listen to your own music and spread yourself out as there’s plenty of space.

To use the Process Club you need to be competent in the process of silkscreen printing. Monthly membership is £20 which allows you to book your printing sessions which are 4 hours each, 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm and cost £25 per session. There are screens for you to use along with squeegees, emulsion to coat the screens and the equipment to clean them, all you need to bring is your paper, ink and creativity!

Book 3 or more sessions a month and your monthly membership gets refunded.

The studio is equipped with professional silkscreen printing equipment, allowing you to produced large, high quality artwork. With a wash out area, exposure unit, print bed and drying rack you have everything you need at your fingertips to produce your work at your own pace in your own creative space.

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