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tenants / Over Wrought Forge

Over Wrought Forge 

Unit No. 36


Artist blacksmithing – sorry no horseshoes! – is now a well-established feature of the Britannia Enterprise Centre. For the last six years, Tobias Cobrin has been producing works of increasing complexity and ambition, always based on the ancient craft of working with Hot steel,  hammered and bent and twisted into shape,  with modern production methods when necessary.


His commissions are to be increasingly found around Hastings and St Leonards-on Sea, often fulfilling very functional roles as gates, stair rails, railings and household items, but always with that twist that always shows that they were hand-forged and hand-crafted. This is a time-consuming process where compromise is impossible and accuracy is essential.

Each commission is unique, tailored to the requirements of the client and the demands of sometimes very complex sites – there are lots of hills in Hastings! Each location throws up interesting installation challenges, sometimes involving consultation with planners, builders and architects.

My most recent work on the website.

Crafting metal for you.

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