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tenants / Kit + Clogs Studio

Kit + Clogs Studio

Unit No. 19 - Upper Floor

We are an independent footwear and lifestyle brand based in the UK that has fallen in love with the Swedish Clog. Driven by a true love for beautiful, handmade items and the determination to keep traditional crafts and manufacturing methods alive, we have been designing consciously crafted KIT + CLOGS that are connected to their roots since 2016.


Our clogs reflect and respect where they’ve come from and how they’re made. We use natural, sustainably sourced materials and organic vegetable dyes. Each purchase supports small, family-run businesses and traditional crafts in a world where they are threatened by cheap, low-quality, mass-produced alternatives. This is slow fashion. We are striving towards a fairer future for fashion and a world in which good-quality, well-designed pieces are thoughtfully and sensitively produced and purchased.


Through collaborations and connections with other makers, designers and small businesses our vision and our collection has evolved. Our online store showcases a carefully curated selection of fashion and lifestyle items for conscious living. Always strong, sustainable and handmade.

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