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tenants / Ultra Light Boat Works

Ultra Light Boat Works

Unit No. 6 - Upper Floor

07711 297 748

Combining a centuries old “skin on frame” type of construction with modern materials, ULBW produces amazingly strong and lightweight kayaks and canoes. These boats are designed with functionality in mind. “It’s about accessibility - being able to get straight out on the water!” Weighing just 6 - 12 Kilos, these boats are plenty light for anyone to lift alone without strain and carry to water’s edge. Best of all, they are simply a joy to paddle!

A framework of choice selected timber and bamboo is held together with pegs and continuous lashings – a time proven technique from Eskimo kayak construction allowing an extremely light and flexible boat. No metal fastenings are used. Ballistic nylon is then sewn around the frame and waterproofed using a proprietary formulated urethane, remaining flexible, and producing a light, tough, and translucent skin.

“Skin on frame” is a wonderfully versatile building technique. Not to be underestimated, these boats are remarkably light, stable, durable, and seaworthy. Light weight equals high performance !

ULBW features both one and two man “double paddle canoes” with semi or fully decked versions available to order. Alternatively a boat can be custom built to meet the paddler’s size and specific needs. Visitors are most welcome , just ask for Geoff !

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