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Small Batch Babka

Unit No. 7


Small Batch Babka, run by Pasha, is a tiny micro-bakery, specialising in making babka (and other American inspired sweet treats) which began life as a lockdown delivery service from a home kitchen in 2021.

Small Batch Babka has since evolved into a travelling micro-bakery, popping up at local coffee shops, gastropubs (The Crown), and at markets in Hastings & St Leonards. Small Batch Babka also offers a wholesale service to a range of local businesses and continues to offer home delivery (and collection from the unit) for all occasions (including bespoke babka wreaths). 

Babka (baked as a twisty loaf or as buns) is a bread-like cake hailing from Poland and the Jewish communities of Eastern-Europe. It was brought over to America by immigrants in the 19th century where it became a staple of many Jewish bakeries and continues to be today. At Small Batch Babka, Pasha likes to go beyond the traditional  to incorporate a range of fillings in her babka inspired by her dual cultural heritages, and love of food from all over the world. 

Please visit to find out more information and get in contact or follow on social media @smallbatchbabka to be up to date on everything babka

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